In Guyana the right to proper care and education starts from birth

For too many years, across Guyana, over one hundred thousand children under the age of 5, have not attained their development potential due to poverty, nutritional deficiencies and inadequate care and learning opportunities.

The majority of these children live in the Hinterland and Riverine regions of the country. Due to this poor start in life, if they get the chance to go to school, they at risk of underachieving.


And subsequently, the cycle of poverty to yet another generation: no or low income jobs as adults, high likelihood of teen pregnancy, and limited access to proper healthcare and nutrition.

By ignoring early childhood education opportunities, more Guyanese children will be condemned to the same grim fate.


The Ministry of Education, Guyana is leading the way with the launch of the "Read Play Love" Campaign to ensure early childhood care and education for every child in the nation.

The “Read. Play. Love.” campaign targets parents and caregivers of children under 5 primarily in the most remote Administrative Regions of the nation. While a national initiative, particular focus and attention was placed on the Amerindian communities in the Hinterland and Riverine regions.

MOE seeks to raise the literacy rates in the Hinterland and Riverine regions to be in-line with the national average of 88.5%. While Guyana’s literacy rate hovers above the global average of 86% as reported by UNESCO, it is lagging significantly behind its caribbean neighbors whom have achieved close to 99% national literacy.

We were pleased so many of our nation’s leaders and heros turned out to lend their support to this campaign.
— Quenita Walrond, Early Childhood Education Specialist

The GECEP and “Read. Play. Love.” campaign seeks to improve literacy outcomes by encouraging parents and caregivers of children under 5 to start modelling pro-educational behaviours for their children at home.  Recent studies from Harvard Educational Review show:

  • Children are ready to learn earlier than we thought

  • Children learn best through play

  • A loving parent/caregiver is child’s first and best teacher

Ministry of Education’s “Read. Play. Love.” Campaign was made possible through funding from the Global Partnership for Education, with oversight from the World Bank.

Project Sponsors & Collaboraters

A special thanks to the following individuals and groups for supporting "Read Play Love":

  • Her Excellency, First Lady
    Sandra Granger
  • V.P. & Minister of Indigenous People's Affairs, Sydney Allycock
  • Gordon Bradford
  • Ingrid Trotman
  • Dave Martin
  • Priya Manickchand
  • Norma Sebastian
  • Travis Dowlin